“I didn’t know you’re bisexual!”

Hey gays, gals and guys!

I realised after reading another blog post this morning, I’ve not really been as open about sexuality and all its glory as I normally am. So here’s a Q&A about mine…

What do you identify as? – Bisexual!🌈

How did you discover your sexuality? – I don’t think sexuality is something you “discover”, but is just something you are. Although I have known people to be married/in a heterosexual relationship and then, after leaving the relationship, identifying as gay. For me, it came up when I was in school. I’d just come out of my first, and shortest, relationship with a guy, and I was looking at the girls in the same way I did the guys. Didn’t really question it, think anything of it, and just went with the flow. It wasn’t until I left school, and I was in college, when I started to think “well, actually, what do I identify as, as I fancy girls?”

Who was the first person you told? –  I didn’t really tell anyone, I’ve never put something on Facebook saying, “btw, I’m bi!”. I’d sorta corrected people when asked when I’m gonna get a boyfriend with “when am I gonna get into a relationship?”, and it went from there. People knew I wasn’t identifying as straight anymore.

Describe what it was like coming out – As above, I didn’t really come out. I’ve not told family members, as it’s never come up cause I’ve only ever been in a relationship with guys. It’s not something you put on your CV, so people I work with don’t know. Not that I’d be fussed about it either way!

What is one question you hate people asking about your sexuality? – With being bisexual, there’s always the “greedy” stereotype as people believe we just want both. And threesomes with a guy from Twitter and his missus. That one’s a creepy one that I’ve had since I was about 18. And it always comes from older guys too.. ANYWAY. One that I’ve always had specifically to me is, “If you’ve never been with a girl, how d’you know you like them?” I’ll always say “How do you know you liked the opposite sex.

What’s your favourite thing about the LGBT community? – I love the amount of positivity in the community! Every so often, there’ll be hashtags specific to one branch of the LGBT community where if they identify as that, they’ll upload selfies. It’s so harmless, fun, and you always seem to get compliments from people you’ve never met, or even heard of before! I’ve not been involved with one yet, but I think it’s fair to say that when it comes round again, I’ll have to get involved! Some have included #queersoftwitter and #ValidLGBTQ.

Have you ever been to a gay bar? – I have! We’ve got Propaganda in Notts, and the best nights out I’ve had have been in Props. I haven’t been out out in over a year, and I do miss it!

Who is your favourite LGBT Icon/Advocate/Celebrity? –Laverne Cox. I love her, everything she stands for, and she’s brilliant in everything she’s been in. I don’t care I’ve only seen her in two things, she’s great and I love her.

Have you been in a relationship and how did you meet? – I’m currently in an opposite sex relationship, and he’s lovely. We met through a friend, just got talking, and then by about 10 days later, we were a thing! We’ve been together 2 years in December, and he’s been living with us at home officially since January.

Have you ever faced discrimination? – I haven’t directly, no. I know of a few people who have faced it, and it’s amongst the worst things you can face. It’s even worse when the person discriminating is also a part of the LGBT community! I have been really lucky in that sense, but again that might be down to the fact I’m not “out out”.

Your Favorited LGBT movie or show? – I love Orange Is The New Black, as it covers all aspects of the community. There’s lesbians/gays, bisexuals, and a transgender character in there too! The best thing about the show? The actresses (mostly) are part of the community themselves! Samira Wiley, Poussey Washington, actually divorced her husband and has since married one of the female writers! I love a good happy ending!

End this on something you’d like to tell the world about LGBT – Although there is the minority in the community that still discriminates towards others part of the community, I’ve found that the nicest people I’ve met have been one of us. They’re always supportive, empathetic, and the most important thing – they understand.

If anyone needs any support regarding their sexuality, or you have any questions, my inbox is always open.

Chlo x


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